Long Week

This has been a pretty long and kind of dramatic week in my personal and professional life. Challenges I hope adequately met.

Details not important. Stuff, you know.

But, whatever I did well or poorly, however I maintained my center, or didn’t, reflects my practice. Because it reflects my life, because it is my life.

What else is there? (See last post! Everything and nothing!)

I do think meditation helps. For me, having the touchstone of  a formal practice helps.

Having a loving family and friends helps too.

Thanks, much love to all.



2 thoughts on “Long Week

  1. Look to the sky

    —to the birds in flight

    that nest together for warmth.

    Dull the pain.

    Cherish the words alone.
    ~Elaine Webster–excerpt from ‘Beyond Cuckoo’ blog post–Lone Wolf

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