Waves Arising, Waves Falling, Crossing to the Other Shore


I have heard that there is just one photon, one photon field without beginning or end, as it were, but that this one photon expresses and manifests local conditions, the contingent flow of energy, as a given photon in time and space, that is, as all photons throughout time and space. . .


In fact perhaps the same can be said of all particles, really, of everything. Like how there is only one ocean, but waves express local conditions that rise and fall.


Last week my 7 year-old grandson asked me if I heard Prince died. Yes. How did he know? His mom told him. Did he know about Prince and his music? He knew the song Purple Rain. He liked the song, although at first he thought it was purple raisin. He was somber, reflective.

Two people I have known for many years also died last week, just two days apart. Cancer. Not close friends or family, but colleagues I have known and worked with and respected. Both lovely, intelligent, accomplished, dedicated physician scientists.

Ultimately liberation from constraints, the realm of measurement and the senses, is the next wave.


Gate gate paragate parasamgate boddhisvaha.

Riding the waves to the other shore.

Buddhist Stories

30 Kushan Buddha

I really appreciate that Buddhist lore includes a story that Buddha couldn’t charm his cousin into not trying to kill him out of greed and jealousy (though he could charm the elephant sent to kill him into chilling out and being peaceful).

And another where Buddha couldn’t stop a war that his clan brought on itself that wiped them out.

But Buddha tried anyway.



Kind of rings a bell, doesn’t it?


The Enemy of Good Is Better

I first heard the statement ‘the enemy of good is better’ from a mentor when learning to do eye surgery.

To the compulsive or those who tend to feel insufficient or guilty it might sound like settling for mediocrity. Nope, didn’t say the enemy of mediocrity or not good enough.

Good enough is good enough.

Trust the universe to meet you half way.

It means take yes for an answer. If means don’t go after some unattainable concept or image of what is perfect. Trust in doing it right. Don’t futz, don’t get carried away pursuing arbitrary goals or standards of just how good, no, how great, it could or should be.

You will sometime take it too far. You will cause trouble for yourself and others.

Been there done that. And it wasn’t good. And it certainly wasn’t better.