Keep It Simple (!)



Granted I have not kept it simple, and since in later posts I plan to discuss things like fields and quantum mechanics, philosophy of mind and time, and other things and concepts that our brains tinker with, I will  put up a simple post.


The best teachings I know of on how to live your life are:

      Pay attention

     No self-deception.


The truth of how it works in time and space:

     Everything that ever happened and ever will conspires to make this moment.


The truth beyond what ever happened and ever will:

      I don’t know.


photos courtesy of Susan Levinson



Defining Energy


The palpable universe and how we perceive it and know about it is all about transformation of energy (see also the post “Change and Suffering, Phantoms and Dreams”).

Energy patterns upon energy patterns.

We know energy is fundamental. Besides our intuition and use of the word very freely in common parlance, everyone knows that Einstein informed us that things are convertible to energy and energy to things:


E= energy, M= mass, c= the speed of light. Since c (the speed of light) squared is a constant, just a number that doesn’t change but makes the units work out:

Energy IS mass (stuff/things). Mass IS energy. Continue reading