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A Conversation with Dr. Robert Lanza

Listen to excerpts from Dr. Robert Lanza’s recent talk at the Hazy Moon Zen Center.

“Einsteinian orthodoxy is a diversion from what science is about, which is to help us understand our experience. When we realize that space and time are simply tools of consciousness, we also realize, quite literally, that we’re sitting on top of infinity.”

Part 1 “Sitting on Top of Infinity” (18:56)

Part 2 “Getting Beyond the Words” (20:11)

Part 3 “The Language of Consciousness” (24:23)




Lanza portrait color
Paradigm Shifter: An Interview with Robert Lanza

Hazy Moon sangha member and journalist Nick Shindo Street interviews the author of Biocentrism, a book that Nyogen Roshi describes as mirroring his experiences in the practice of zazen as closely as anything he has encountered in a modern writer.


Michael Isshin Spiller
If you’ve heard Nyogen Roshi’s dharma talks you’ve probably heard praise for the book Biocentrism by the noted stem cell researcher Dr. Robert Lanza. Michael Isshin Spiller shares his own appreciation for the book in this compelling review. “The most remarkable thing for me about this book is that it sounds so much like Nyogen Roshi, the teacher I have been listening to for some 13 years.”

Is There Any Reason For a Zen Practitioner to Read About Science?

Ralph Shikan Levinson

“When scientists teach us that everything is interdependent, entangled, and that seeing an object as permanent and solid is an illusion–is that very different from the Diamond Sutra, which exhorts us not to be trapped by the illusion of finite personhood, a soul?”


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