As I was Saying

Right after I posted my last:

Colorado Springs.

Mass murder.

Are we rounding up pro-lifers?

Decrying Christian and Orthodox Jewish Sharia law?

Seems only white people get to kill masses of people. After all. white folk got this country by genocide.

Addendum next day: Now I have had a day to think of this post, and I’ll let it stand even though I was indulging in some anger when I wrote it.

To make it clear:

I don’t want ANYBODY rounded up because of the actions of a few in their racial/ethnic/national/religious/political/philosophical/other general characteristic because of the actions of others in their racial/ethnic/national/religious/political/philosophical/other general characteristic.

Or even suspected, surveilled or reviled, let alone persecuted, just on those characteristics alone.

I do stand behind my assessment that many people’s (over) reaction has been xenophobic, racist fear and delusion, the right wing and media exploits it and we risk indulging it it we are not vigilant, and that the consequences of fear and loathing are real and horrific..

Lets encourage our leaders to do the hard work: get the bad guys! Don’t indulge and exploit fear that makes the terrorism a winning option for nefarious purposes.




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